The purpose of the Married Couples Ministry is to help married couples understand the definition of a marriage-a covenant, a sacred bond between a MAN and a WOMAN instituted by and publicly entered into, before God and normally consummated. The name o the ministry is (FOREVER) because we believe vows before God is a serious covenant and all options should be exhausted before divorce is considered. We will learn where marriage started in the bible with Adam and Eve. (Genesis 2:15-25). Our desire is to make sure that each marriage is built on the solid foundation of Christ and that the couples understand the role of a husband and wife (Ephesians 5:22-33). This knowledge will help make families stronger and better servants in the church along with minimizing the likelihood of divorce as an option during different marital challenges. Married couples will learn different characteristics needed to have a healthy marriage such as trust, communication, respect, intimacy, forgiveness, submission, being as one, and etc. Establishing GREAT MARRIAGES IS OUR GOAL!
The Couples Ministry will meet once a month to ensure importation is given consistently. There will also be scheduled outings to promote continual dating your mate no matter how long couples have been married. OUR QUOTE (For an endless time; for all time; for limitless time; at all times). We are in this thing FOREVER… UNTIL DEATH DO US PART!